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White Roads is the desire of communicate the beauty of a world that travel on the wheels of a vintage bike on white roads not yet worked. It speaks about the past through the research of pictures and fabrics, made them garments to wear everyday, like a good artisan should do. That’s me, that’s my philosophy, this and much more it’s White Roads “FATTO IN  ITALIA”.

WR Diary

Fascinated and attracted by the way people dressed in the past: a style capable of involving all social classes and an elegance that went beyond simply wearing a garment, visible both in the gestures and in the good manners that that era evokes . The tie, the corset, the gesture of greeting by taking off the hat, everything had style. Behind White Roads there is the desire to communicate these stories and rediscover the values ​​of a simple but concrete era. The beauty of a world that travels on the wheels of an ancient bike on unpaved roads and tells the past through the search for images and fabrics, making them garments to wear every day, as a good craftsman should do.